construction site

Monitoring a construction site doesn't need to be difficult or expensive. A tiny box with a camera, clever electronics and
a battery can be your eyes and ears wherever you put it. A dozen of them will cost you less than one CCTV set-up.
It's like being present in every corner of the construction site at once without leaving your office.

safety &
progress &
audit trail
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Hub-One is a wireless camera
that does't need
cables or installers


Connects to the on-site WiFi, Spark, Vodafone or 2° Mobile.
The software minimises any data traffic to reduce the running cost.


Runs for months without a recharge
with a small internal battery pack.
A small solar panel makes it run forever.

1-strap install

No configuration or installation required.
Strap it to a post, point in the direction of the
action and leave it to do it's job.

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Product preview &
pilot projects

We are working closely with a group of early adopters to refine and test the technology.